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Why Think Positive? The Story Behind the Design!

I designed the "Think Positive" symbol through a process of thoughtful deliberation, aiming to effectively convey the message of positive thinking without using explicit wording. My initial thought process revolved around finding a symbol that would represent the word positive. This led me to the notion of utilizing a plus sign (+) which is equal to positive, as one of the elements. 

Then, for another element, I sought to further enhance my design by incorporating the concept of love. Recognizing that self-love plays a vital role in fostering a positive mindset, both internally and externally, I envisioned adding this synergy into my design. Hence the incorporation of a heart symbol became the natural progression in my creation process. This heart not only signifies the act of thinking positively but also signifies the importance of self-love.

When one directs their thoughts to think positive this is an act of loving yourself. When thinking positively your dreams come true! When we think negatively, we become stagnant and do not progress! This is why thinking positive and the reminder of such, is SUCH a big deal everyone!

You deserve all of the happiness, love, and everything else this world has to offer! Thinking positively will lead you to your every aspiration! Get your hands on "Think Positive" merch today and let your light shine! xoxo



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